Year-End Update from Dr. Sam Waldron

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Announcements

Greetings in the name of the Sovereign Lord of Glory.  At the end of a momentous and exciting year for Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary, I wanted to write and share some encouragements with you.

First, we have had an increasing number of new applicants for admission to the student body.  I have interviewed several new students in the last 2 months.  We even have immediate prospects for two new students before the year ends.  I am also encouraged with what may be our best attended modular course ever as we look forward to Dr. Fred Malone coming on January 8-10 to teach Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology.

Second, I am quite encouraged with the progress of the seminary this year.  Our name transition (from MCTS to CBTS) has been completed including new literature and an updated website. This was done with very little by way of trials and tribulations.  Our name change is a great improvement in every way.  It clearly identifies us theologically and institutionally in a way that is great help for us and for those who are looking for the services we provide.

Finally, we have seen a very encouraging amount of interest in our new Church Partnership Program.  This program holds great promise for enabling us to serve local churches, attract a number of new students, and provide regular support for the seminary.  What a way to start our exciting new initiative!

At the same time, we are only able to operate due to the generosity of our church partners and donors. We would love to eliminate our current budget deficit before the end of the year.  With this in mind, would you prayerfully consider whether God might be laying it on your heart to help us with a year-end gift?

Thanks again for your support and prayers.

The Lord Reigns,
Dr. Sam Waldron
Dean, Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary

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