Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for CBTS students is available under these Policies and Guidelines*

(1)       All student financial assistance will be approved by the student assistance committee.

(2)       Student financial assistance will be considered only for those students who request it and will not be proactively offered before a student makes known their need for financial assistance.

(3)       All financial assistance will be given only in response to a formal application to the student assistance committee.  The application form will be approved by the committee and be placed on the website.

(4)       All student financial assistance will be limited to aid with semester fees and tuition.

(5)       The total student financial assistance for each fiscal year will be limited to the budget approved amount except where special approval is sought from the chairman of the financial committee.

(6)       Each year the budget shall include a line item for student assistance.

(7)       If an applicant is closely related to a member of the budget committee, that member will recuse himself from discussions related to the financial assistance of that applicant.  The meaning of “closely related” for this purpose of this policy will be determined by the members of the committee not related to the applicant.

(8)       None of the restrictions placed on student financial assistance shall be construed as restricting a church or churches from offering assistance to a student through benevolence, pastoral internships, or other such positions.

(9)       These guidelines will be openly stated in the catalog of the Seminary.

(10)     The student financial assistance committee will meet once at the beginning of each CBTS semester, but will meet more often as necessary.  The committee may grant financial assistance by convening via email outside of the semi-annual meetings.

(11)     At the semi-annual meetings the funds available for student assistance in the budget will be reviewed and any requests for student assistance considered. Additionally, In the July-August meeting the committee will decide on its recommendation for the amount of the scholarship assistance line item in the annual budget.

(12)     The annual financial report provided to the CBTS Board at the March meeting each year will include a report of student financial assistance granted in the previous school year.

*Policy created and approved by the Student Assistance Committee May 24, 2018.

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