CBTS exists to provide ministerial training in the context of a confessional, local church
by instructing the mind and cultivating the godliness of each student through careful
informed scholarship and focused pastoral mentoring.


Since all things exist for the glory of God, CBTS attempts to be God-centered and God-glorifying in all that it does. The earth is a theater for God’s glory. CBTS exists to be a conduit through which God gains fame for his own name’s sake.

Intensively Christ-Focused

Since the central redemptive thrust of Scripture is the glory of God through the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ, CBTS is intensively Christ-focused in all that it does. We want our students focused upon what God is focused upon. God’s focus on the earth is the revelation of his Son in order that he might bring many sons to glory. This determination to be Christ-focused permeates all our classes and institutional endeavors.

Law-Gospel Oriented

Since future pastors must minister to both the lost and the saved and since both the law and the gospel apply to both groups of men (though in different ways), CBTS is law-gospel oriented in all that it does. We train our students to be skillful masters of the crucial distinctions between law and gospel and how each relates to various kinds of men.

Confessionally Grounded

Since we want to recognize and identify ourselves with what Christ has been doing in his church throughout the centuries, CBTS is a confessionally grounded institution. We are committed to providing ministerial training in a confessionally based environment. We adhere to the Second London Confession of Faith, otherwise known as The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. This time-proven document keeps us accountable to the myriad of worthy theological voices of the past and preserves us from the whims of novelty.

Pastorally Concerned

Since our primary goal is the training of future pastors, CBTS is keenly aware of the crucial need to be pastorally concerned and to mentor men throughout their educational experience. All of our professors are either pastors or former pastors. In addition, all students will be involved in a personal, pastoral mentoring program.

Globally Minded

Since the Christian gospel was designed to be propagated throughout the earth, CBTS is committed to being globally minded. God is in the business of making worshippers from all the peoples of the earth. Therefore, CBTS seeks to foster global-mindedness in all its students. It is our desire to produce missionaries and church-planters for all nations of the earth.

Carefully Positive and Intentional

Since Christ is doing the work of building his church and training future pastors in many places, CBTS recognizes the worthy labors of other institutions. We support and seek to cooperate with those who are doing the much-needed work of training men for the Christian ministry. We are whole-heartedly committed to being carefully positive and intentional in such relationships.

Technologically Informed

Since we live in a technologically advanced age and since technology can be used for promoting the cause of the gospel, CBTS is committed to being technologically informed. We realize the importance of staying in touch with and utilizing the various useful mediums of communication available. We utilize technological resources to record video for our courses and make them available online for distance learning.

Financially Affordable

We are convinced that those who most need theological education are often those who can least afford it.  Our generous supporters and Church Partners help us to bring low-cost, but high-value, theological education to such students.


2 Timothy 2:2

The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

The infusion of new life into the ministry ought to be the object of more direct and special effort, as well as of more united and fervent prayer. The prayers of Christians ought to be more largely directed to the students, the preachers, the ministers of the Christian church. It is a living ministry that our country needs; and without such a ministry it can not long expect to escape the judgments of God. We need men that will spend and be spent -- that will labor and pray -- that will watch and weep for souls.- Horatius Bonar
The heart of the matter is this: Preach one Christ, by Christ, to the praise of Christ. Soli Deo Gloria To God alone be the glory!- Willliam Perkins
For believers, the law is abrogated in respect of its power to justify or condemn; but it remains full of force to direct us in our lives. It condemns sin in the faithful, though it cannot condemn the faithful for sin.- Samuel Bolton
The most honoured Ministers have been men, distinguished, not for the brightest talents, but for an humble and affectionate spirit.- Charles Bridges

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