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by | Aug 7, 2013 | Course offerings, Current Events

Below is an e-mail update sent out from Dr. Sam Waldron. If you would like to be added to the Midwest Center for Theological Studies e-mail list, please sign up here!

Friends of MCTS,

In April I wrote an email to report to you our friends to keep you abreast of several, encouraging changes in the ministry of MCTS.

First, while MCTS is governed by a board of directors, it is hosted by a local church.  MCTS is now hosted by Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Owensboro where I was set apart as a pastor in June and joined Pastors Joe Wilson and Ron Miller in the eldership of that church.  We are very thankful for the very positive and supportive atmosphere at Grace toward the ministry of MCTS.

Second, I want to report on what I believe to be a very successful MCTS Board Meeting.  My hope was that we could encourage our board by honoring in specific ways their authority over MCTS to take a much more active role in the leadership of MCTS.  I am very encouraged that this was accomplished.  I want to thank the board members for their diligent work and the help I am sure they will be to us in the future.  The chartering and formation of several active committees promise to lead us forward in very helpful ways.

Third, the coming school year is almost upon us.  We have six live classes scheduled to be taught including the last two in our Basic Training curriculum.  I begin the year with the second of my three courses taking the student through the historical theology.  It deals with what I call the Augustinian Church and covers what are often thought of as the Medieval and Reformation periods of church history.   Michael Emadi will then be teaching the two semesters of Elementary Hebrew for us later in the fall and then beginning the second semester in January.  Richard Barcellos will be teaching an overview of Biblical Theology in a modular course in January and Tom Ascol will be leading our modular course on Preaching in June.  I will be teaching Modern Church History in the spring. If you would like to livestream any of these classes online or take them for credit as a student, please let our registrar know: [email protected]

Fourth, American Vision has just released an over hour long video of the Revelation Symposium moderated  by Brian Borgman in February in which I participated along with Jim Hamilton and Gary Demar.  A two minute promotional video is available here: http://www.mctsowensboro.org/2013/08/waldron-on-revelation/

Fifth, we exist to serve Christ’s churches by training men for the ministry.  If you would like to help us in that work, feel free to contact our registrar. Again, his e-mail address is: registrar@mctsowensboro.org

The Lord Reigns,
Dr. Sam Waldron

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