The Passing of Dr. Robert Martin

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Dr. Robert Paul Martin Departed to the Rest Above (February 4, 2016)

Since 1989 and its first publication the essay of Bob Martin on “The Legitimacy and Use of Confessions” has stood at the front of my A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.  Let me be clear.  That fine essay is his work, though I fear over the years this has not been clear to many who have read and, I believe, profited from that work and especially his introductory essay.  I owe a debt to Bob for permitting the use of that essay in my book.  I am writing right now out of a sense of gratitude and in order to express my sense of indebtedness to this dear brother.

I knew Bob originally as part of the faculty and, I think, if memory serves, the dean of Trinity Ministerial Academy.  I appreciated him then and still do today.  Though I have not often seen him in recent years, it was my joy to meet him in 2014 (for the last time) at the Pastors’ Conference at Trinity Baptist Church in Montville, NJ.  This was just after the return of the cancer that finally took his life.  He was then, as I had always known him to be, a Christian Gentleman of the fine Southern variety combining in his temperament courtesy, kindness, firmness, loyalty, and gentleness.

We are glad that he has gone to the rest above to await the rest that remains to the people of God.  We envy him a little—we who remain below to continue the battle he fought for gospel truth and righteousness in a wretched and fallen world.  We wish his wife, Colleen, the consolations of the Spirit of God, his family much comfort in their loss, and all of his Christian loved ones joy in the prospect of a happy and glorious reunion with our dear brother in the day of the resurrection.

The Lord Reigns,

Dr. Sam Waldron

Pastor, Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Owensboro, Kentucky

Dean, Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary

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Implications of Jesus’ Relationship to the Law

Implications of Jesus’ Relationship to the Law

You remember that we are working through Matthew 5:17-20 under the theme we determined at the beginning of this blog series. That theme concerns Jesus’ relationship to the Old Testament Scriptures. Those Scriptures are described in the way typical of the New Testament as the law and the prophets. Jesus’ relation to them is described both negatively and positively. It is not to abolish but to fulfill them. Jesus comes to bring the Scriptures to their intended goal or predestined destination. This relationship of Jesus to the Old Testament is the underlying theme of the entirety of verses 17-20.

The Perpetuity of the Law

The Perpetuity of the Law

This, then, is why Jesus feels the need to issue this warning. A new time—the time of the kingdom—has come. What will this mean for the law and the prophets? Does it mean that their time is over and that their authority has been overthrown? To this Jesus gives an emphatic answer. It does not! He does not overthrow their authority. Rather, the authority of the Old Testament Scriptures remains and must remain inviolate forever. It is not their abolition, but their fulfillment which Jesus brings.

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