Reformation 21 mentions Reformed Baptist Theological Review

by | Nov 16, 2010 | Books, Current Events

In an article entitled The Christian and his Books by Rob Ventura & Jack Buckley, the authors recommend Reformed Baptist Theological Review (RBTR). Here is the shout-out:

Contemporary works – these include church or mission based periodicals, theological journals, and books on present day issues facing the church.  Here we would recommend World Magazine, The Christian Research Journal, Westminster Theological Journal, Founders Journal, Puritan Reformed Journal, Reformed Baptist Theological Review, and Ref 21(!). [emphasis added]

RBTR is a theological journal I have edited since 2004. It is comprised of articles and book reviews. Over the years we have seen a slow increase in seminary library subscriptions, but a decrease in regular subscriptions. Would you consider subscribing? We have some articles coming up that I am very excited about. The book reviews attempt to keep pastors current with some of the more important theological books being published.

You can read more about RBTR here. If you have any questions, fire away!

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