by | Aug 2, 2010 | Book, Historical Theology, Missions

“A masterful examination of the Puritan’s positive attitude toward missions and evangelism, showing their passionate desire to seek the salvation of the lost. Through the writings of five notable Puritans: Richard Sibbes, Richard Baxter, John Eliot, Cotton Mather and Jonathan Edwards, Rooy explores Puritan missiology in its theological foundation, its development and establishment, and its progress. Individuals and churches alike will be inspired by this historical and theological survey of magisterial Puritans.” – Joel Beeke

“Of excellent quality throughout, this volume traces out the theology that leads to the evangelization of the world: divine sovereignty and human responsibility, conversion, and the role of the church in missions. The biographical sketches enhance the volume. This is all rich material. Highlights for me are the practical section on evangelism from Richard Baxter’s ‘A Christian Directory’ and the preceptive analysis of Jonathan Edwards’ book ‘A History of Redemption,’ which the author suggests is perhaps Edwards’ best claim to originality in theology. I commend this volume highly.” – Erroll Hulse

Looks great! You can get it here.

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Is the covenant of works biblical? | Tom Hicks

Is the covenant of works biblical? | Tom Hicks

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