Encouraging Letter from MCTS Student

by | Mar 17, 2014 | Student Profiles

To the Prayer Partners and Supporters of MCTS,

I have been taking classes at MCTS as a distance learning student since September 2012. Even though I have only taken a few classes up to this point in my education, what I have learned has been indispensable for me in my role as an associate pastor at my church.

Dr. Waldron’s Systematic Theology class was the first class that I took. From a technical and interactive standpoint, I didn’t know what to expect with an online class because I have taken online classes before where I didn’t really feel much connection with the professor. I was pleasantly surprised with how this class was run. Even though I was almost a thousand miles away in Orlando, Florida, I felt as if I was in the classroom the whole time. The video and audio worked extremely well and Dr. Waldron’s consistency of allowing the distance-learning students to ask questions and then answering them himself was very beneficial. From a theological standpoint, I was massively encouraged by the depth of the content and the opportunity that this would give me to turn around and share with those in my congregation the great truths of the Christian faith.

My second class was Pastoral Counseling with Dr. Tedd Tripp, and my first trip to Owensboro. Dr. Tripp’s many years of pastoral counseling made this class extremely edifying for me, as well as equipping me for the consistent counseling that I do here at my local church. The foundation that he laid in this class of the Bible’s sufficiency to answer all matters of faith and life has strengthened my resolve to completely trust the Word of God in each and every counseling situation that I face.

The most recent class that I took (and my second trip to Owensboro) was Biblical Theology with Dr. Richard Barcellos. Starting from Genesis and working through Revelation, Dr. Barcellos clearly explained to us why the Bible must be viewed as one book that is all about the glory of Jesus Christ. Having taken this class, I feel much more equipped in how to help people in my congregation to accurately study the Word of God.

On behalf of the MCTS students, I would like to say thank you for your continued prayers and financial support of this God-honoring, theological institution. When I share with people the quality of teaching that I am getting and the price that I am paying for it, they are astounded. That wouldn’t be possible without God using you to help us. May God continue to bless this school and its desire to see men sufficiently trained so that they in turn may equip the saints for the work of ministry.

In Christ,
Pastor Ron Wood
Faith Baptist Church
Orlando, Florida

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