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by | Apr 30, 2024 | Graduate Testimony, Student Profiles

By the free and sovereign grace of the Triune God, I have salvation in Jesus Christ. The giver of every good gift and every perfect gift has given me a believing spouse—fit for me as a helpmate. Rachel Dawn is a sacrificial servant, worthy of imitation; she is my greatest earthen treasure. Together, we have three children: Geneva, Benjamin, and Bristol. Our family resides in Southern Kentucky, near Clarksville, TN.

As of this year, I am one of the Pastors of Covenant Baptist Church (Clarksville). After a two-year internship, with extensive mentorship from my Pastor, Ron Miller, our congregation confirmed my calling to the office of Elder. It is my great privilege to serve this humble body of disciples who so clearly display their love for Christ and each other. The Lord has knit these dear believers to my heart.

My studies at CBTSeminary have been formative. Exposure to the biblical languages has equipped me with the necessary tools to improve as an exegete. Learning the Second London Confession of Faith has helped me better understand the Bible. My favorite course was “The Life and Theology of Benjamin Keach” taught by Tom Hicks and Chris Holmes. This class was the first in-person module I attended, which enabled me to make lasting ministry friendships. Additionally, the Lord used this class to instill in me a deep love for Particular Baptist History.

When I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I was certain that seminary study would be an impossibility for me. The last thing I wanted was an M.Div degree that would come with an insurmountable pile of debt. But, after a phone call with Rex in early 2019, the Lord revealed a way for me to receive more training. Through CBTS’s vision to provide affordable theological education, the Lord made what seemed impossible, possible. By God’s kindness, I have an M.Div with zero student debt.

If you would like to receive a robust theological education and train for better ministerial usefulness, I encourage you to consider CBTS for your seminary studies.


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