ARTS Earns Prestigious CHEA Recognition

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ARTS Earns Prestigious CHEA Recognition: A Milestone in Accreditation for Member Seminaries
May 16th, 2024.


The Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries (ARTS) is thrilled to announce a significant achievement in its journey towards academic excellence and institutional credibility. ARTS has officially gained recognition from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), marking a momentous milestone for its member seminaries. The official statement is found here.

Accreditation is the hallmark of quality in higher education, signifying rigorous adherence to established standards of academic excellence and institutional integrity. CHEA recognition represents a significant validation of ARTS’ commitment to fostering academic excellence, promoting continuous improvement, and ensuring the highest standards of reformed theological education.

This achievement underscores ARTS’ dedication to assisting its member institution’s efforts in providing students with a transformative educational experience grounded in the rich traditions of Reformed theology. With CHEA recognition, member seminaries within the ARTS network gain enhanced credibility and prestige, facilitating smoother credit transfer and increasing opportunities for academic collaboration and exchange.

John Miller, President of ARTS, expressed his profound gratitude for this milestone, stating, “CHEA recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our member seminaries, faculty, staff, and leadership. It reaffirms our commitment to academic excellence and underscores our collective pursuit of theological education that equips leaders for service in the Church and the world.”

Dr. Sam Waldron, President of Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary, further expressed gratefulness. “We marvel at God’s kindness to our many answered prayers for ARTS to receive CHEA recognition. Several laborers, including Glenn Hoyle, have worked diligently for ARTS to accomplish this and we are thankful to the Lord for their tireless efforts. We trust that this will be a blessing to each member seminary of ARTS, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities this may open for Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary.”

As ARTS celebrates this momentous achievement, it remains steadfast in its mission to empower theological seminaries to thrive in an ever-evolving educational landscape. CHEA recognition serves as a springboard for further innovation, growth, and impact as ARTS continues to shape the future of theological education.

For more information about ARTS and its member seminaries, please visit, or Dr. Glenn Hoyle, executive director of ARTS at [email protected]

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