Amillennialism and the Age to Come—A Critical Review # 1 

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Book Reviews, Eschatology


When someone writes a book which critiques a position that you hold deeply and dearly, and mentions you by name in his critique, I suppose it would be easy to react defensively and see nothing good in (and say nothing good about) said book.  I suppose that is the temptation which I and other Amillennialists face in regard to Matt Waymeyer’s volume entitled, Amillennialism and the Age to Come, published in 2016 by Kress Biblical Resources.  I have the “honor” of being mentioned in the very first footnote of this extensive (325 page) critique of Amillennialism.  Also mentioned in its footnotes (and perhaps even more frequently than I am) are the fine defenses of Amillennialism written by Sam Storms and Kim Riddlebarger.

Waymeyer holds a Ph.D. from the Master’s Seminary and serves on the faculty of The Expositor’s Bible Seminary in Jupiter, Florida.  He (according to the back cover of the book) also serves on the pastoral staff of Grace Immanuel Bible Church.  Before that he taught Hermeneutics at the Master’s Seminary for several years.  After reading his book, I was not surprised to hear him say in an interview with Fred Zaspel: “But really, the book, itself, flowed out of my PhD dissertation which I wrote at the Masters Seminary.” [] The book certainly does reflect the thoroughness of a doctoral dissertation.  On the other hand, Waymeyer deserves commendation, I think, because this volume is quite readable.

But let me return to my original point about the danger I am in of defensiveness and seeing nothing good in Waymeyer’s book.  I can honestly say that this is not my reaction to this work.  Oh, of course, I do not agree with him.  In fact, at a number of points I emphatically disagree.  Yet, the fact is that there are number of things about his book that deserve appreciation and commendation.  In my next post I will enumerate those things about his book for which I am thankful.

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