A Recap of “Recovering the Orthodox Van Til.”

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Announcements

On January 5th-7th of 2023, Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary hosted its winter module course, “Recovering the Orthodox Van Til” taught by Dr. Lane Tipton. The course overviewed the Trinitarian theology and apologetic methodology of Van Til and compared his thought to Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth.

16 students from across the United States were represented in person and 7 were able to take the class for credit online. In addition to the informed scholarship received through lectures, students enjoyed fellowship with the professor and engaged in in-person theological discussion over meals and breaks.

The administrative staff would like to give thanks to our host church, Grace Reformed Baptist Church for their hospitality to our students and auditors. “We give thanks to our risen Lord for His kind providence of allowing this class to take place here in Owensboro,” says Rexford Semrad.

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Man of God phone
Love of the Truth | Tom Nettles

Love of the Truth | Tom Nettles

“This view … could allow for the ‘man of lawlessness’ to be the Roman Catholic church in its exaltation of the Pope, the bishop of Rome, to the position of vicar of Christ, asserting his infallibility ex cathedra, his granting of dispensations, and proclaiming of the meritorious status of pilgrimages, the doctrine of transubstantiation and the continual sacrifice of Christ.”

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