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Introduction to Preaching

Dr. Tom Ascol

This course is an introduction to biblical preaching. The importance of preaching in pastoral ministry, its biblical basis, and the principles involved in the preparation and delivery of sermons will be investigated.

The Doctrine of God

Dr. Sam Waldron

This course focuses on the being, attributes, Trinity, and decree of God.

The Life & Theology
of Benjamin Keach

Dr. Tom Hicks

This course is designed to provide students with a greater understanding of the life and theology of Benjamin Keach. Particular attention will be given to Keach’s theological convictions and his pastoral ministry and preaching. 

Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology

Dr. Fred Malone

The purpose of this course is to teach the Covenant Theology which Baptists have held in the past, both biblically and historically. Modern-day issues which affect Covenantal Baptists today will be examined in due course.

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