Students may enroll in CBTS in one of our six programs. These programs are available for either resident or distance learners, though not all courses are currently available online. Individuals are also permitted to audit courses at the discretion of the Academic Committee or the course professor.

To be considered for admission into CBTS, please fill out the application form for either residential students or distance students. (We also require a letter of recommendation from your Pastor for all Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Divinity students.) Once we have received your application form, the recommendation, if applicable, and the accompanying application fee, our Academic Committee will review your application. A member of the committee will contact you and conduct an initial interview in person or by phone. After your interview, you will be contacted within 2-4 weeks about the status of your acceptance into the program.

Previously completed courses from other recognized educational institutions may be granted for credit upon the review and acceptance of our Academic Committee.