Sample Lectures

Lecture 4 from Biblical Theology II
Dr. Richard Barcellos

Course Description: 
Reviews and continues the study of the discipline of Biblical Theology. Covers a working definition of biblical theology, a brief history of biblical interpretation, a review of hermeneutics and Biblical Theology, and the foundations of a Biblical Theology. Provides a brief overview of redemptive history from creation to consummation. Focuses on the progressive, organic, Christo-centric unfolding of Special Revelation in light of the entire canon of Scripture. The course concludes with examples of biblical-theological exegesis with the goal of preaching.

Course Description

This course focuses on the being,
attributes, Trinity, and decree of God.

Educational Objectives

By means of the assigned reading, class discussion,
course lectures, regular quizzes, research paper, and
a final exam the student will be able to understand
and identify the major historical and contemporary
issues with regard to the doctrine of God and develop
and express a biblical approach to those issues.

Lecture 4 from Doctrine of God
Dr. Sam Waldron

Lecture 5 from Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology
Dr. Fred Malone

Course Description: 

The purpose of this course is to teach the Covenant Theology which Baptists have held in the past, both biblically and historically. Modern-day issues which affect Covenantal Baptists today will be examined in due course: paedobaptism, paedocommunion, theonomy, hypercovenantalism, the New Perspective, New Covenant Theology, etc. The implications for a robust Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology will be explored in matters of evangelism, sanctification, ecclesiology, sacraments, eschatology, pastoral ministry, etc.