Resource Fees

CBTS Distance Students who do not have access to a seminary (or equivalent) library must have at least a Bronze level Logos package.  We have worked with Logos to provide two custom packages for our students that we feel will  be of great benefit to them.  CBTS students also have access to the Logos Remote Research Library Feature Set and Early English Books Online (EEBO).

This is how our Resource Fees are structured:

  • Beginning January 2021, each student will be responsible for a Resource Fee in addition to the Semester Enrollment Fee.
  • Students who choose access to our Bronze package will pay $120/semester for four semesters.
  • Students who choose access to our Gold package will pay $300/semester for four semesters. 
  • Students who already have a Bronze level or above Logos package, or can demonstrate access to a seminary level theological library will be responsible for a $25/semester fee (included in Semester Fees).


When a student graduates, the Logos license becomes theirs to keep.  If a student drops out, CBTS will retain the license.

We worked hard to get as many of our required textbooks as possible included in both packages.  Most of our texts that are available through Logos are included in both packages, though there were some that we just weren’t able to get at the price we wanted.  The textbooks included in the Bronze package would cost over $1,000 if purchased through

We strongly recommend that MDiv/BDiv students choose the Gold package, as the additional resources should be of great benefit both in your studies and in future ministry.

The contents of each CBTS custom Logos package can be viewed below.

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